About the FOIC

About FOIC

Mission statement
The Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council seeks to safeguard access to information that citizens must have to act responsibly in a free and democratic society.
We cherish Wisconsin’s Open Records and Open Meetings Laws, which declare that because “a representative government is dependent on an informed electorate,” all persons are entitled to the most information possible regarding the affairs of government and the actions of public officers and employees, and that only in the most exceptional cases may access be denied.
We respect custodians of records and gatekeepers of public meetings, and affirm that they fulfill no higher function. We call on them to adhere to the spirit and letter of the law.
We believe that a free and unfettered press is vital to the democratic process, that an informed citizenry is best able to exercise its civic function to participate in the workings of government, and openness in government benefits the public interest.

Contact President Bill Lueders at blueders@gmail.com. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.