“Formal” Open Records Opinions

Attorney General opinions and letters


  • McNamara/June 10, 1994 (Discussion of whether final deliberations and approval of contract ratification must be conducted in open session).
  • Pelrine/Feb. 25, 1992 (Regarding closed session discussions of hiring of public employee).
  • Ott/Nov. 18, 1991(Analyzing the law’s definitions of governmental bodies and quasi-governmental corporations).
  • Besadny/April 28, 1989 (Applicability of law to advisory committees).
  • Risser/Dec. 19, 1988 (Entities may not charge fees to send meeting notices).
  • Harvey/Nov. 6, 1987 (Regarding county board committee’s ability to meet in closed session to discuss committee appointments).
  • Fryatt/May 9, 1985 (Regarding closed session meeting about hiring of public employee).
  • Cullen/March 8, 1985 (Explaining why “friends” organizations that provide financial support to public television stations are not subject to the open meetings law).
  • Lindner/June 17, 1980 (a public entity may conduct meetings via teleconference if they are accessible to the public).
  • Mill/April 6, 1977 (a volunteer fire department is not a governmental body for purposes of the open meetings law).
  • Boyd/March 26, 1977 (discussing meeting notice requirements).
  • Heath/April 21, 1978 (discussing votes taken in closed session regarding employee pay packages).